Are you a Chronic Worrier?

Do You Usually Expect Things To Go Badly?

Do You See The World In ‘All-Or-Nothing’ Terms?

If You Are Anxious Or Depressed About A Current Situation, or a future event...

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Am I jumping to conclusions? Are my predictions based on facts or just on feelings?
  • Is there another way of looking at this? Am I thinking only about the worst-case scenario?
  • Am I exaggerating or ‘catastrophising’, e.g. acting as though everything is wrong because of one event or change? Am I getting things out of proportion?
  • How much of this is to do with me? Are there other factors? Are some things simply outside of my control?
  • Is there only a down side? Could there be any unforeseen positive outcomes or benefits….?
  • Am I over-emphasising my weaknesses and forgetting about my strengths and resources? Think of the times when you coped with similar difficulties in the past, and managed to get through them.
  • Am I accepting life the way it is - or the way I’d wish it to be?
  • What small thing could I do differently to change things for the better?

Strategies for problem-solving:

  • Keep it simple- take small steps towards an achievable goal
  • Confront your own avoidance- there’s no time like the present
  • Err on the side of inclusion- “you don’t know unless you try”
  • Reward yourself when you’ve taken a small step towards your goal
  • Be patient and expect some setbacks. Things take time.
  • Get support  for your efforts