School Uniform

We thank all students and parents for your on-going support in ensuring that our school uniform and dress code reflects the highest standards and expectations we have for all our students. We continue to be delighted with the overwhelming community response to our KS3 and KS4 uniform changed in September 2014.

The governors have clear guidelines about acceptable hairstyles and jewellery for all students, including the sixth form. We expect all our students to wear the school uniform and respect the dress code with pride.  

Years 7 to 11

The school uniform changed in September 2014 with the option of tailored badged shorts for hot weather introduced in January 2018.  In September 2020 the decision has been taken to allow the blazer to be optional.  If students do not wear a blazer then they must wear either a school jumper or cardigan.

The uniform supplier for all badged school items will be YC Sports.  All badged school uniform must be purchased direct from YC Sports. The two shops selling our badged uniform items are; Joyell located opposite the Upper School entrance in Whitchurch Village, (shop telephone number 029 2069 3653) and YC Sports on Crwys Road (shop telephone number 029 2023 7968).  An on- line ordering facility is available

The following are badged uniform items (except PE kit):

  1.  The school blazer (optional)
  2.  The school clip on tie for both KS3 and KS4
  3.  The school jumper or school cardigan (if pupils do not wear a blazer one of these items is compulsory.)
  4. The school tailored shorts will cost £16 (June 2018)

Click Here for School Uniform requirements for Years 7 to 11.

Sixth Form

The governors have a Dress Code for the sixth form and all are expected to respect this.

Click Here for the School Dress Code requirements for the Sixth Form