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All examination timetables, results and examination information is distributed digitally via the schools in-touch system. Students receive this directly to their school email and for parents/carers on the in-touch system they also receive a digital timetable and information at the same time. It is the students responsibility to access their emails to obtain their timetable, results and information.

Students receive an overview of their examination results on Results Day in August each year (these are not certificates). Certificates from these results are to be collected on collection day in December of the same year. Students who are leavers are expected to supply contact information for this purpose and it is widely advertised on the school website and social media. Certificates are only kept for 1 year and it is the students responsibility to collect their certificates or make arrangements for the collection. Certificates are not mailed out.

This page will be updated as and when new information is available with regards to examinations for both GCSEs and A Levels for students at Whitchurch High School. If students have any immediate queries, they should call into the examinations office located in the sixth form block.

Otherwise, please contact the exams officer via telephone on 029 2062 9715 or email: exams@whitchurch.cardiff.sch.uk

Whitchurch High School is a closed examination centre. Only Whitchurch High School students are allowed to sit exams on site.


In January 2022 JCQ and the exam boards notified all examination centres and students that the exams this summer would be taking place and that CDG’s or TAGs would not be used to generate final grades.  As a result, all students entered for exams are expected to attend when the exams are organised, for them to achieve the qualifications they have been entered for.  As these are public exams, no exams can be rearranged if missed.  Please see below for further details if a student is absent from an exam.

Candidate Information:


Examination Absence Procudures

If a student is absent from a public exam as a result of symptoms of a respiratory infection including COVID 19, A PARENT/CARER MUST INFORM THE SCHOOL VIA THE SCHOOL’s ABSENCE LINE FIRST THING IN THE MORNING OF THE EXAM.  Following this, the Self-certification form JCQ/ME form 14 must be completed IN FULL by the parent/carer and student then returned to the exams department at Whitchurch High School via email (exams@whitchurch.cardiff.sch.uk) ON THE DAY THE EXAMINATION IS MISSED.

Self-Certification Form 14

Please note, the self-certification form must only be used in the following circumstances.

  • The candidate has missed a terminal examination or a unit that cannot be re-entered;
  • The centre has no reason to suspect that this may be a fraudulent claim;
  • The candidate has been attending other examinations in the exam series without problems.

If Whitchurch High School suspects the authenticity of the details provided by the candidate, we are obliged to investigate it as suspected candidate malpractice.  If the investigation concludes that the candidate provided false information on the eligibility for self-certification, the candidate’s results could be withdrawn, or the candidate could be disqualified from the specific qualification, and potentially other qualifications.

In this 2022 exam series JCQ and the exam boards have set exam papers at least 10 days apart wherever possible, to allow for students to recover from temporary illness or isolation and complete all other public exams.

For further details, please contact the JCQ or relevant examination board.

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