Young Playwrights' Festival


Whitchurch High School's 34th Annual Young Playwrights Festival Celebrates Creative Brilliance.

In a dazzling showcase of talent, Whitchurch High School hosted its 34th Annual Young Playwrights’ Festival, a culmination of creativity and dramatic flair. The competition, open to years 7, 8, and 9 students saw a plethora of entries, with twelve exceptional young playwrights’ emerging as the finalists who would command the stage.

nder the expert guidance of the school's accomplished Performing Arts faculty,  and led by the dynamic Miss Capstick, tonight's event was a memorable experience for all attendees. The finalists, each a testament to the school's commitment to nurturing artistic expression, performed their own original short plays in front of a sold-out audience.

The anticipation in the air was heightened by the presence of a distinguished guest, Mr. Michael Carklin, Academic Subject Manager for Drama, Dance and Performance at USW who watched the event. Mr. Carklin's reputation in the world of performing arts precedes him, and his role in presenting awards to the talented winners added an extra layer of prestige to the evening.

The festival not only highlights the immense creativity within the school's student body but also serves as a platform for young voices to be heard. The spotlight shone on these budding playwrights, and Whitchurch High School continues its tradition of fostering artistic excellence and providing a stage for the stars of tomorrow.

The winners were:

  • The Murder Mystery in the Mansion, Lacie Newman Y7
  • Pink Intellect, Namin Naveed Y8
  • Magic Mirror, Rhea Bali Y8
  • Monochopsis, Eliza Clarke Y8
  • Lace or Not to Lace, Kritika Pathmaranjan Y9
  • The Mightiest Monarch, Aoife Wiltshire & Rose Hooper Y7
  • Snowy Town Up North, Zachary Massey Y7
  • Murder at Bramble Hall, Emilia Pearce Y8
  • Disturbance in the Staffroom, Megan Dutton & Molly James Y8
  • The Greatest Christmas Dinner Plot, Alex George Y9