Welsh Cyclo-Cross


Whitchurch High School's Rudy Legg and Gethin Richardson Shine at Welsh Cyclo-Cross Championships.

In a dazzling showcase of skill and unwavering determination, Rudy Legg, a Year 7 student at Whitchurch High School, and Gethin Richardson, another talented participant from the same school, have emerged triumphant at the Welsh Cyclo-Cross Championships in the under-12 category. Rudy's stellar performance extends beyond a single win, as he clinched an impressive streak of seven victories across Wales, earning him the coveted title of Welsh Champion. Meanwhile, Gethin Richardson showcased his exceptional talent by securing an impressive 2nd place in the fiercely competitive event.

The championship event, held at the Royal Welsh Showground and expertly hosted by the Bulls Cycling Club, marked the thrilling culmination of the 2023 Cyclo-cross series. The day was characterised by heart-pounding races, resounding cheers from enthusiastic spectators, and the quintessential freezing Welsh weather, with temperatures hovering barely above 1 or 2 degrees throughout. Despite the challenging conditions, the atmosphere was electric, adding an extra layer of excitement to the competition.

Whitchurch High School takes immense pride in congratulating both Rudy Legg and Gethin Richardson on their exceptional achievements. A special salute is extended to all participants who contributed to the exhilarating spectacle of the 2023 Welsh Cyclo-Cross Championships. The school eagerly anticipates witnessing more exhilarating victories and accomplishments from its talented students in the future.

Rudy Legg and Gethin Richardson, both valued members of the Maindy Flyer CC team, represented the school with distinction in this outstanding feat. Congratulations to these young athletes on their remarkable success!