Senedd Experience

Whitchurch High School Sixth Form Students Gain Insightful Political Experience at the Senedd.

Today, students from Whitchurch High School's sixth form politics class embarked on an enriching educational journey as they visited the Senedd in Cardiff Bay. Under the guidance of their teacher, the students delved into the heart of Welsh politics, gaining firsthand experience and knowledge. The day kicked off with an informative tour of the Senedd building, providing the students with a deeper understanding of the political landscape in Wales. From the iconic architecture to the inner workings of the assembly, the tour set the stage for an engaging and educational experience.

The highlight of the day was the opportunity to witness First Minister's Questions from the public gallery. Students observed the democratic process in action, gaining valuable insights into the dynamics of political discourse and decision-making. A special thanks goes to Julie Morgan MS, who graciously took the time to answer questions from the class. The Q&A session was a culmination of a day filled with learning and curiosity. Ms. Morgan's firsthand knowledge and experience added a layer of depth to the students' understanding of the political landscape.

As the students return to Whitchurch High School, they bring with them not just memories but a richer understanding of the political processes that shape their community and beyond. The visit to the Senedd, orchestrated by their politics teacher, has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the students, fostering a keen interest in civic education.

This immersive experience serves as a testament to the school's commitment to providing students with opportunities beyond the classroom, preparing them for active and informed participation in the democratic process.