STEM Workshop


University of Birmingham's School of Engineering Inspires Whitchurch High School Students with Exciting STEM Workshop

Whitchurch High School recently had the privilege of hosting a captivating STEM workshop, courtesy of the School of Engineering from the University of Birmingham. The event, orchestrated by Mr. Williams, Faculty Leader of Technology, brought an enriching experience to a select group of Year 9 pupils.

The workshop kicked off with an engaging hands-on activity, as students eagerly crafted cars using nothing but spaghetti and marshmallows. Laughter and creativity filled the room as the young minds explored engineering concepts through this unconventional yet exciting exercise.

The highlight of the day came when students witnessed the incredible results of their spaghetti and marshmallow engineering feats, testing how far their makeshift cars could travel. It was a testament to the fusion of innovation and practical application that embodies the essence of STEM education.

Following the interactive session, the students were treated to an up-close encounter with a real race car, a product of the University of Birmingham's Formula Student project. This project, integral to engineering degrees, serves as a benchmark for graduates entering the workforce, endorsed by the motorsport industry. It seamlessly blends practical engineering expertise with essential soft skills like business planning and project management.

Mr. John, Head Teacher at Whitchurch High School, expressed his appreciation for the event, recognising its impact on students' understanding of real-world engineering. The Formula Student initiative not only provides valuable experience but also aligns with the school's commitment to preparing students for future success.

As Whitchurch High School continues to foster a dynamic learning environment, events like these serve as catalysts for students' passion in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The collaboration between the University of Birmingham and Whitchurch High School exemplifies the shared commitment to inspiring the next generation of innovative thinkers and problem-solvers.