Miss Saigon


Miss Saigon Takes the Stage at Whitchurch High School.

The stage was set, the lights dimmed, and anticipation filled the air as Whitchurch High School proudly presented its production of Miss Saigon. Our school community was treated to five mesmerising nights filled with talent, emotion, and unforgettable performances. Under the direction of the dedicated Miss Leonard and the musical expertise of Mrs. Jones Price, the cast and crew of Miss Saigon delivered a production that left audiences spellbound.

In the lead roles, Reuben Turpy captured hearts with his portrayal of Chris, while Lauren Price brought the character of Kim to life with unparalleled grace and emotion. Their performances were nothing short of exceptional, resonating with the audience long after the final curtain fell. However, it wasn't just the leads who shone brightly on stage. Shaun Tucker's portrayal of the Engineer was captivating, injecting the character with depth and charisma. Eva Jazani's rendition of 'Movie in my Mind' with Lauren Price, left the audience breathless, showcasing their immense talent and commitment to their craft.

In addition, Miss Saigon wouldn't have been complete without the remarkable performances of Carrie Taylor, Sam Snook, Luca White, Lauren Taylor, Grace Hatch, Ellie Williams, Alys Fraser, Lucy James, George Lewis, Alfie Cullen, Josh Cullen, and Abigail Bourne. Their dedication and commitment to their roles were integral to creating the immersive world of Miss Saigon on stage. Each member of the ensemble played a crucial part in making this production truly magical, and their collective efforts did not go unnoticed as they brought depth and energy to every scene, adding layers of authenticity and vibrancy to the production.

Behind the scenes, a dedicated crew, under the direction of Stage Manager Elin Chichester and Miss Capstick, worked tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of the production ran smoothly. From set to costume changes, their hard work and attention to detail were evident in every scene, enhancing the overall experience for everyone involved. The success of Miss Saigon is a testament to the collaborative spirit and passion that thrives within the Whitchurch High School community. It is a reminder of the power of the arts to inspire, to move, and to unite us all.

Headteacher, Mr Nick John commented, “Miss Saigon was a remarkable production that truly showcased the immense talent and dedication of our students. I am incredibly proud of each member of the cast, crew, and ensemble for their hard work and commitment to excellence. It is moments like these that remind us of the transformative power of the arts and the importance of fostering creativity and expression within our school community”.

As the final applause echoed through the auditorium, it was clear that Miss Saigon had left an indelible mark on all who had the privilege of witnessing it. Congratulations to the cast, crew, and everyone involved in bringing this unforgettable production to life. We eagerly await the next opportunity to showcase the extraordinary talent that defines our school.

For an electronic copy of the Miss Saigon Programme, please click here.