Biodiversity Fieldwork at Garwnant


In a captivating educational endeavor, 90 A-level AS biologists from WHS embarked on a fieldwork mission to Garwnant. As an integral component of their A-level curriculum, they delved into the realm of biodiversity assessment. Armed with scientific curiosity and enthusiasm, the students conducted a kick sample to gauge biodiversity by meticulously counting macro-invertebrates. This hands-on experience not only enriched their understanding of the natural world but also provided practical insights into ecosystem health.

Under the clear skies of Garwnant, the budding biologists spent a great day outdoors, gaining invaluable knowledge and fostering their passion for environmental science. Such initiatives exemplify the commitment of WHS to nurturing the next generation of biologists and environmental stewards. This fieldwork excursion serves as a testament to the dedication of both students and educators in the pursuit of scientific knowledge. The 90 biologists at WHS are well on their way to making a meaningful impact in the field of biology.