Future Pathways


Year 12 Future Pathways Days: Preparing for Post-18 Success

Year 12 students at Whitchurch High School recently participated in two intensive Future Pathways days, designed to help them explore and prepare for their post-18 options. These days, organised and run by the dedicated Sixth Form team, offered a range of activities, and talks to guide students in making informed decisions about their future.

The program featured a variety of insightful talks, including a session from Cardiff University on crafting a successful personal statement, delivered by Whitchurch Alumni Iwan Hopkins. Mrs. Davies provided comprehensive guidance on the UCAS process, while representatives from Careers Wales and Network 75 discussed degree apprenticeships. 

Students also engaged in a carousel of workshops hosted by different employers, giving them firsthand insights into careers such as engineering, accountancy, healthcare, and working with children. These workshops were complemented by practical activities, where students enjoyed building a model satellite and making slime, adding a hands-on element to their learning experience.

To reward the students for their hard work and engagement, the student leadership team organised a quiz and a game of dodgeball. The activities not only provided a fun break but also showcased the students' competitive spirit and teamwork.

Head Teacher Nick John commended the Sixth Form team for their exceptional organisation and dedication, stating, "The Future Pathways days were a tremendous success, thanks to the hard work and commitment of our Sixth Form team. These activities are crucial in helping our students navigate their future options and prepare for life beyond school. I am proud of our students for their enthusiasm and active participation."

The Future Pathways days received overwhelmingly positive feedback from students, who appreciated the diverse range of activities and the opportunity to explore various career paths in a practical and engaging manner.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the speakers, employers, and the Sixth Form team for making these days informative and enjoyable. Your efforts have provided our students with valuable insights and inspiration for their future endeavours.