Elevate Training Program

A group of dedicated Year 12 students recently completed a transformative two-day training program to become Elevate peer mentors. The program, led by our devoted Wellbeing officer, Miss. Armstrong, aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge to support their peers in times of need.

Elevate, a renowned charity organisation, has a noble mission: to ensure that young people in need of mental health and wellbeing services are not left to face their challenges alone. Elevate provides a platform where these young individuals can find someone to talk to, someone who can guide them towards resilience and hope during their most trying times.

What sets Elevate apart is its holistic approach, which combines positive psychology and coaching psychology with evidence-informed techniques. This unique blend of methods is designed to bring about lasting positive change in the lives of young individuals who may be struggling with various dimensions of their wellbeing.

Elevate believes that when young people truly understand who they are and focus on their strengths, they become more resilient, happier, and more optimistic about the future. Miss. Armstrong and her team have worked tirelessly to impart these valuable lessons to our Year 12 students.

"We believe that young people can make a positive change when they have the belief, knowledge, and determination to do so," said Miss. Armstrong. "Our goal is to empower these young individuals with the tools they need to not only survive but thrive during challenging times."

The Elevate peer mentor training program delves into crucial aspects of mental health, wellbeing, and personal growth. It emphasises self-awareness, self-acceptance, and the importance of taking action to improve one's circumstances. Year 12 students who completed the program gained valuable insights into these aspects, allowing them to better understand themselves and their capacity to impact the world around them.

The significance of this training extends beyond the classroom, as these newly minted Elevate peer mentors will be available to provide support and guidance to their fellow students. By being equipped with these essential skills, they can now serve as a valuable resource for their peers during difficult times.

As our Year 12 students embrace their roles as Elevate peer mentors, they are not only fulfilling the charity's mission but also contributing to a more caring and compassionate school community. The impact of this training program will undoubtedly be felt in the increased resilience, happiness, and optimism of our students.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the Year 12 students who have completed the Elevate peer mentor training program, and we look forward to witnessing the positive change they will bring to our school community. Miss. Armstrong and her team are to be commended for their dedication in making this initiative possible, and we are excited about the brighter future it promises for our students' mental and emotional well-being.