Ty Calon Students Shine at Summer Craft Fayre


The students of Ty Calon recently held a successful Summer Craft Fayre at the local St Mary’s Church Hall, an event that highlighted their creativity, social, and communication skills. Organised by the dedicated team of staff of Ty Calon, the fayre was a wonderful opportunity for students to showcase their handmade gifts and crafts.

The event received tremendous support from both the school and the local community, creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere. Visitors were impressed by the variety and quality of the crafts on display, all of which were meticulously made by the students.

The staff expressed their pride in the students' efforts, noting that the fayre not only demonstrated their artistic talents but also provided valuable experiences in social interaction and communication. The success of the event was a testament to the hard work and enthusiasm of everyone involved.

Mr. John, head teacher, shared his thoughts on the event: "The Summer Craft Fayre was a fantastic display of our students' creativity and teamwork. It was heartwarming to see the community come together to support our young artists. Events like these are vital in fostering a sense of achievement and belonging among our students."

The proceeds from the fayre will go towards supporting future projects and activities at Ty Calon, ensuring that the students continue to have opportunities to develop their skills and creativity. The community looks forward to more such events in the future, celebrating the talents and contributions of Ty Calon's students.