City Art Project


In an exciting expansion of their artistic endeavours, students from Ty Calon at Whitchurch High School have teamed up with renowned street artist Myles Hindle and City Art Project initiative to bring even more vibrancy to the Manor Way Subway in Whitchurch, Cardiff. This collaboration, as part of the City Art Project, has seen the students dive deeper into their creativity, using spray paint and cut stencils to enhance their underwater theme.

Working side by side with Hindle, whose expertise in street art brought a new dimension to their project, the students embraced the opportunity to learn from a professional artist. Under Hindle's guidance, they experimented with techniques and honed their skills, gaining invaluable insight into the world of street art.

The use of spray paint and cut stencils added an exciting element to the mural, allowing the students to achieve intricate details and vibrant colours with precision. With each spray and every stencil, the subway walls began to come alive with a kaleidoscope of underwater wonders.

Lifted by their initial success, the students are eager to continue their work on the subway entrance and exit in the coming weeks. With Hindle's ongoing support and their own passion for art driving them forward, they are poised to make an even greater impact on their community.

Miss Williams, the art teacher leading the project, expressed her pride in her students' achievements and their willingness to push the boundaries of their creativity. "This collaboration has been an incredible opportunity for our students to not only showcase their talents but also to learn from a professional artist like Myles Hindle," she remarked. "I'm thrilled to see their enthusiasm and dedication as they continue to bring art to life in our community."

As the project progresses, the Manor Way Subway is set to become a true reflection of the talent, passion, and collaboration of the students at Whitchurch High School and their partnership with Myles Hindle.