CISCO Girls in IT


Whitchurch High School Students Excel at ‘CISCO Girls in IT’ Day

Six budding technologists from Whitchurch High School showcased their talent and innovation at the recent ‘CISCO Girls in IT’ Day, held at the prestigious SPARK building, Cardiff University. The event, aimed at promoting STEM subjects among young girls, witnessed enthusiastic participation from schools across Cardiff, Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester, London, and Galway.

The day commenced with enlightening talks by CISCO professionals and current students pursuing degrees in Cyber Security and Computer Science. Our students actively engaged in interactive sessions and seized the opportunity to delve into the realm of cybersecurity challenges, organised by the National Cyber Security Centre. Displaying remarkable prowess, they emerged victorious with the highest score, earning well-deserved Amazon vouchers.

In the afternoon session, the students were tasked with a creative challenge: to design a smartphone app centred around sustainability. Adopting a Dragon's Den-style approach, they confidently presented their brainchild, ‘ecoLearning,’ to a panel comprising industry experts and peers from various schools. The app envisioned by our talented cohort, including India Morgan, Lucy Oseland, Connie Wells, Ava Edwards, Ariana Phillips, and Daisy Owen, garnered immense admiration for its innovative features.

‘ecoLearning’ is a comprehensive platform encouraging sustainability within the school premises. It encompasses engaging tasks like ecoChallenges, fostering friendly competitions among students, and ecoMaps, facilitating easy access to water fountains and recycling stations. The app also boasts ecoTracker, empowering students to monitor their recycling efforts and carbon footprints diligently.

The Whitchurch High School students captivated the audience with their articulate presentation, fielding challenging questions with poise and confidence. Their exemplary performance earned them accolades from the esteemed panel, who awarded them the prestigious title of the ‘Best Created App Logo.’

This collaborative initiative by CISCO, Cardiff University, and CyberFirst underscores the importance of inspiring young minds, particularly girls, to explore opportunities in computer science and cybersecurity. The success of our students at the ‘CISCO Girls in IT’ Day is a testament to their ingenuity, passion, and the nurturing environment fostered at Whitchurch High School.