Educational Journey at the National Museum of Wales


In an exciting educational endeavor, Mrs. Taylor, the Head of Biology at Whitchurch High School, spearheaded a captivating field trip for Year 12 students to the National Museum of Wales. This immersive experience aimed to enhance their understanding of classification and biodiversity.

During their visit, students had the unique opportunity to engage in various activities and workshops designed to deepen their knowledge. A highlight of the day was a special presentation by a renowned scientist, who shared insights into their groundbreaking work with snails and slugs.

The students actively participated in activities that allowed them to grasp the techniques used for measuring relatedness between different organisms and their biodiversity. Additionally, they had the chance to explore the captivating Natural History Gallery, a treasure trove of scientific wonders. Such was the enthusiasm of the students that some even chose to spend their lunchtime continuing their exploration of the museum, underlining the immense success of this educational excursion.

Mrs. Taylor's leadership and dedication to providing an enriching learning experience have left an indelible mark on the Year 12 biologists, inspiring a deeper appreciation for the world of science. This outing to the National Museum of Wales undoubtedly kindled the students' passion for biology, making it a day to remember in their academic journey.