BBC Young Reporter Production Unlocked Event


In a thrilling day filled with inspiration and interactive experiences, 17 enthusiastic 6th form students from Whitchurch High School were granted the unique opportunity to attend the BBC Young Reporter Production Unlocked event. The event took place at the magnificent Central Square, an award-winning building in the heart of the city, and was expertly organised under the guidance of Miss McGuinness.

The event was an absolute treasure trove of insights and creativity, as students engaged with accomplished industry professionals, heard motivating talks from the likes of Owain Wyn Evans, and were graced with the presence of Neveah Nash, our very own homegrown talent who triumphed as the Young Reporter competition winner for Wales. The students were eager to tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience shared by these media luminaries.

One of the highlights of the day was the opportunity for our students to become interactive storytellers alongside video game creators. They dabbled in the art of captivating crafting narratives in the digital realm, gaining invaluable insights into the world of interactive media. This hands-on experience allowed them to explore their creativity and ignited a passion for storytelling.

Another exciting activity saw students collaborating with skilled makeup artists from the hit series "Casualty" to create realistic special effects injuries. The students delved into the world of practical effects and prosthetics, opening new possibilities within the realm of media and production.

The adventure continued with a behind-the-scenes tour of the Central Square building, where students witnessed the intricate workings of a live news broadcast. The opportunity to observe the real-time creation of news stories was both eye-opening and enlightening for our aspiring young journalists and media enthusiasts.

The day was nothing short of a revelation for these students, providing them with a plethora of ideas and insights into the myriad opportunities that await in the realm of Media Studies. Miss McGuinness, as the guiding force behind this transformative experience, deserves commendation for her dedication and commitment to providing students with such enriching opportunities.

This remarkable day at the BBC Young Reporter Production Unlocked event has ignited a spark of inspiration in our students, propelling them toward exciting horizons in the field of media. As they reflect on the engaging talks, interactive experiences, and the wisdom shared by professionals, they have a clearer vision of where their passion for Media Studies might take them in the future. The journey has just begun, and the future is indeed bright for these aspiring media enthusiasts from Whitchurch High School.