Anna McMorrin MP

Whitchurch High School recently welcomed Cardiff North's MP, Anna McMorrin, for an informative session with Year 12 Politics students providing the students with a unique opportunity to delve into the world of politics and gain insights into McMorrin's role.

During the Q&A session, students showcased their curiosity and enthusiasm by posing insightful questions to the Labour MP. McMorrin, in turn, shared valuable perspectives on her responsibilities and experiences as a Member of Parliament.

The event not only broadened students' understanding of the political landscape but also fostered a direct connection between the youth and their representative. As Whitchurch High School continues to prioritise civic education, such interactions contribute significantly to the students' learning and civic engagement.

The initiative, spearheaded by their politics teacher underscores the school's commitment to providing enriching experiences beyond the classroom. Such encounters empower students to actively participate in civic discourse, shaping informed and responsible citizens for the future.

Whitchurch High School looks forward to hosting more engaging sessions that connect students with influential figures, encouraging a dynamic and informed approach to political awareness.

Anna McMorrin