Additional Learning Needs

Whitchurch High school is a comprehensive school and welcomes all students of a variety of abilities and learning needs. These are met in mainstream classrooms with subject teachers delivering the curriculum.

All students benefit from our pastoral team system, where support is given by the form tutor and by the pastoral team in each year group.

Additional Learning Needs

A proportion of all students will have some Additional Learning Needs (ALN) during their school life, such as needing help with reading, spelling, numeracy, organisation and social skills and these needs will be supported in school through a system of graduated response, as recommended by the Code of Practice for SEN and in line with the Local Authority’s policies. If you require any information on additional learning needs at Whitchurch High School, please click the link above.

Specialist Resource Base

We also have the City’s largest specialist resource base within Whitchurch High School. The base accommodates up to 70 learners, all of whom will have a Statement of ALN. This is a County wide provision, and places are allocated through Cardiff County. 

However, we often give tours to prospective pupils and parents who wish to see the Specialist Resource Base in person before making a decision to submit an application to Cardiff County.

We are very proud of our Specialist Resource Base and see it as a key aspect of the community within Whitchurch High School. If you require more information please the link above.


If you wish to speak to a member of the Special Educational Needs department, please contact the relevant person shown below:

Mrs. Laura Morgan (ALN Manager)

Mr. Cris Evans (Lead teacher for the SRB)

Mrs Joanne Morgan (SEN Administrator)